Faster Funding and More Freedom for Property Investors

The requirements imposed by traditional banking organizations often make it seem like the dream of owning a home or finding an ideal investment property is out of reach. They include high credit score minimums, lengthy application processes, and copious paperwork that can overwhelm potential borrowers. But do not worry! Another lending choice has been growing in popularity – small private money lenders.

Who are Small Private Money Lenders?

Small private money lenders are different from big banks because they are usually individuals or smaller companies with more liberal underwriting standards. They often operate within their local district. Therefore, they better understand your target market. This could be an essential benefit as their decisions may affect your credit scores, the property’s prospects, and your entire financial picture.

What Makes Them Different?

Here’s what makes small private moneylenders stand out:

  • Faster Approvals: Forget about waiting weeks or months for traditional loan approvals. Small private lenders can often evaluate your application and decide within days if not hours. This is good news when you’re facing competition in bidding wars or when you need cash urgently.
  • Focus on the Property: While having good credit counts, the worthiness and potential of the property itself are critical considerations for private financiers. Such a scenario might benefit people with below-average credit ratings but an eye for undervalued properties or homes requiring repairs.
  • More Personalized Approach: A bank may look like a faceless bureaucracy, but personal encounters with them might help put things into perspective since many small individual financiers serve clients this way. They will likely engage you regarding your personal situation and develop borrowing options tailored to satisfy your needs.

Are Private Money Loans Right for You?

Private money loans are suited to specific borrowers, although they have apparent merits, too. Here’s what you should think about:

  • Higher Interest Rates: The speed and flexibility come at a cost. Private money loans tend to have higher interest rates than traditional mortgages.
  • Shorter Loan Terms: These loans are generally for shorter terms, ranging from a few months to a few years. Although this may be useful in precise cases, ensure the repayment period fits your plans.
  • Due Diligence is Crucial: The fact that things move faster should not make someone skip research work entirely and finalize such an agreement without grasping details concerning the property or loan conditions.

How KeyWest Lending Can Help You Buy Your Dream Property

Can a private money lender help you reach your real estate goals? KeyWest Lending has the experience of working with borrowers in different situations. We have competitive rates and flexible terms, and receiving fast approvals enables you to live your property dreams. Get in touch with us now so that we can talk about your unique requirements and guide you through private money lending.

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